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We specialize in offering fully operational legal entities like SOFOMes. Get a turnkey solutions, ensuring that you can immediately operate your business .
The Challenge
Establishing legal entities in Latin America can be a complex and time-consuming process, often involving hefty legal fees and waiting periods of several months.

6 to 12

SAPI 馃嚥馃嚱

12 to 24

SOFOM 馃嚥馃嚱

24 to 31 months


15 to 31

IFPE 馃嚥馃嚱

6 to 12

SAS 馃嚚馃嚧


Our unique service involves pre-establishing these entities, which are then sold to you for seamless transfer and immediate operation. These entities are brand new, with no prior operations, providing you with a fresh start and a clean slate for your business endeavors.

(Sociedad Financiera de Objeto M煤ltiple)

SOFOM, which stands for Sociedad Financiera de Objeto M煤ltiple, is a type of non-banking financial institution in Mexico. These institutions serve a significant purpose within the country's financial sector, as they can provide various financial services, including lending, leasing, and factoring, to both individuals and businesses.

(Instituci贸n de Fondos de Pago Electr贸nico)

IFPE is an institution in Mexico that deals with electronic payment funds. Their primary purpose is to issue and manage electronic money, facilitate electronic payments, and offer payment services, which contributes significantly to the development of electronic payment systems.

(Sociedad Financiera de Objeto M煤ltiple)

SOFIPO, 聽Sociedad Financiera Popular. They specialize in providing banking services to underrepresented and segments of the population. SOFIPOs offer a variety of financial products, including savings, credit options, and investment services, primarily to individuals and small businesses. Their main objective is to foster financial inclusion and support economic growth in areas where traditional banking services are limited or absent.

SAPI de CV (Sociedad An贸nima Promotora de Inversi贸n de Capital Variable)

SAPI de CV is a specialized form of the SAPI corporation with a focus on promoting investment and attracting capital. These entities are designed to facilitate investment in Mexico and offer greater flexibility for attracting foreign and domestic investment. They are particularly beneficial for businesses seeking capital infusion and growth opportunities in the Mexican market.

you鈥檒l get

Tax Registration

Essential for tax compliance and identification.
Constitutive Act
Foundational document establishing the entity.
Company Documentation
Ensuring entity compliance.
Active Bank Account
Ready for business needs.
CNBV and Condusef Permits
(if applicable)
Regulatory permits when needed.
Compliance Officer
Provided if required.
Monthly Legal and Operational Advisory (Optional)
Additional support for ongoing needs.

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