Effortless Team Operations:

One Monthly Payment, Complete Care

Everst manages your team with a monthly subscription, handling recruitment, salary, risk, and compliance.
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What is Everst Staffing

HR+Payroll in 1 service
Simplify HR with Everst's streamlined talent management.
On-Demand Legal Assistence
Expert SupportEnsure compliance and receive legal support for contracts and agreements.
Monthly Fee Flexibility
Align expenses with growth using our flexible monthly fee.
White Glove Service and Support
Enjoy personalized 1-1 support from our HR professionals.
Evergreen Talent Guarantee
Get continuous support throughout an employee's tenure.
Superior Benefits
Retain talent with exceptional benefits. Everst fosters a sense of belonging.

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Employer Cost
Employer Cost
(Salary + Taxes + Fees)
Direct hire, 15% to 20% ( ) of yearly salary as one-time recruitment fee.
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Staffing vs One Time Recruiting

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Use Staffing (EOR)

Use Recruitment

You prefer "Pay-as-you-go" for evolving needs.

You seek to simplify payroll in multiple countries.

You want cost-effective, hassle-free team management.

You want to avoid a large capital expense by spreading recruitment costs over time

You aim to spread recruitment costs over time.

You align with one-time upfront payment in your budget

You manage HR and payroll in multiple countries

You value assistance in compliant employee termination

You can oversee monthy team operations.

Hiring is a one-time event for you

You need flexibility to replace a candidate as needed

Why customers choose Everst EOR

Evergreen Talent Guarantee
Replace talent at no extra cost, with our team ensuring legal compliance in hiring and outplacement.
Payroll and Expense Management
Simplify your payroll, holiday, expense, and time-off management, with a single monthly payment.

Country-Specific Legal Contracts in Latin America

Secure Salary and Tax Payments

Employee Benefits and Legal Deductions

Compliant Employee Terminations

Timely Delivery of Essential Documentation

Advanced Legal Expertise and Authority Relations Management.

Bank-Level Compliance

Everst's payroll includes comprehensive guidance to safeguard your company’s hiring and HR.

Offer the best to your talent


Market Benefits


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exchange rate
We organize logistics to pay your team in USD. 2/3 of workers prefer to get paid in USD to protect themselves from hyperinflation and exchange rate fluctuations. (survey run by Everst)
Assurance against misclassification
Incorrectly classifying a contractor could cost you dearly, resulting in fines, legal entanglements, and a tarnished brand image.
Provide Above Market Benefits
Many workers employed by international companies often lack access to benefits. Everst helps you provide enticing perks that set you apart and make your team members feel valued and motivated.




Can Everst assist with setting up employee benefits programs tailored to our company's culture and goals?

Yes, we can. We work closely with you to understand your company's culture and goals, and then we customize benefits programs to align with your objectives.

How does Everst handle payroll compliance in different countries?

We have experts who are well-versed in the unique payroll and compliance requirements of each country. They ensure that your payroll processes are always in compliance with local regulations.

What regions in does Everst cover?

Everst operates in a global scale. We have a comprehensive presence to support your HR and payroll needs throughout the region.