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What sdrs are

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are pivotal to the growth and success of your sales team. SDRs specialize in identifying, contacting, and qualifying potential leads before passing them on to your sales executives. Here are key aspects of what SDRs do:
Lead Generation
SDRs use various tools and techniques to identify potential leads that match your target market.
They reach out to potential leads via cold calling, emailing, social media, and other channels to pique interest in your product or service.
SDRs assess a lead's needs, interest level, and buying potential to ensure they meet your criteria for sales opportunities.
Appointment Setting
Once a lead is qualified, SDRs schedule appointments for them with your sales executives, facilitating a smoother sales process.

Role and Responsibilities

Skills and Qualities

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are crucial for engaging effectively with prospects.
SDRs must be resilient and persistent, often following up multiple times to convert leads into opportunities.
Research and Analysis
They are adept at researching potential leads to personalize outreach efforts and improve engagement rates.
SDRs quickly adapt to new tools, techniques, and market trends to optimize lead generation strategies.
Impact in your Business
"Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. Sales representatives have the unique opportunity to build relationships and understand our customers like no one else in the organization." - Steve Jobs

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Success Stories

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Vijay Singh

I wanted to send a message recognizing how happy we are to have you as partners for hiring SDRs. You've provided us with the best to increase our sales. ‍ Hoping we continue to work together.

Antonio Martinez

Everst helped us quickly form a team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to boost our sales. They always met our needs and supported us in building our sales force. We're thankful for their partnership as we go through this phase of growth.

Cata Salcedo

The most crucial aspect for us is maintaining our culture, and Everst grasps this fully. We've had the freedom to openly and consistently communicate to ensure we're building our SDR team with the right people.




What types of roles does Everst specialize in placing?
Everst specializes in placing Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and other sales-related roles. We focus on matching high-quality talent from Latin America, and beyond, with companies looking to expand their sales teams with skilled professionals.
How quickly can Everst provide candidates for our open positions?
Our streamlined process ensures that we can present quality candidates ready for interview within approximately 72 hours after understanding your specific needs and requirements.
Does Everst assist with hiring candidates from regions outside of Latin America?
Yes, while our primary focus is on sourcing talent from Latin America, we have the capabilities and network to recruit candidates from anywhere in the world, ensuring we meet your specific hiring needs.
How does Everst ensure the legal and compliant hiring of candidates?
Everst provides assistance with legal and compliance aspects of hiring by offering guidance on best practices and connecting you with experts in employment law. This ensures that your hiring process is smooth, compliant, and tailored to the specific regulations of your company's location.
What is the cost of using Everst's services?
Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent and competitive. We offer various packages based on your hiring needs, including single placements and bulk hiring options. For specific pricing details, please contact us directly.
How does Everst match candidates with our company?
Our team of expert recruiters considers your specified qualifications, experience, and cultural fit requirements. Our process also involves a thorough review by our experienced recruitment team to ensure candidates meet your criteria and have the potential to excel within your organization.
Can Everst help with onboarding remote SDRs?
Yes, we offer support and resources to facilitate the onboarding of remote SDRs. Our team can provide best practices, tools, and strategies to ensure a smooth integration of your new hires into your existing sales team, regardless of their location.
What makes Everst different from other recruitment agencies?
Everst stands out due to our deep understanding of the Latin American talent market, our quick turnaround time in presenting candidates, and our comprehensive support in legal and compliant hiring practices. Our headquarters in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Bogotá, Colombia, position us uniquely to access a wide pool of skilled sales professionals across the region.
What happens if a candidate we hired through Everst doesn't meet our expectations?
We are committed to ensuring a successful match. If a candidate does not meet your expectations, we offer a satisfaction guarantee which includes a replacement search at no additional cost, subject to our terms and conditions.
How can we start the process of hiring SDRs through Everst?
To begin the process, simply visit our website and fill out the contact form or reach out to us via email or phone. One of our account managers will then get in touch with you to understand your needs, discuss your requirements, and kickstart the candidate search process.

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