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Digital Transformation

Proven tech talent dedicated to your project's evolution

Why dedicated teams

The Problem
Clients often start with dev shops, but face evolving visions, missed deadlines, and rising costs, leading to unfinished products.
Our Solution
We've redefined the approach, inspired by SCRUM and Lean Startups, forming dedicated, focused teams for each project.

Start small, stay focused, learn rapidly.

Eric Ries author of Lean Startup

you’ll get

Global Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Regional Expertise
Talent Excellence
Rapid, Smooth Talent Acquisition
Operational Risk Reduction
Offload Hiring & Management Risks
Time Efficiency:
Reclaim Time with Expert Delegation
ROI Optimization
Maximize Talent Investment Returns

Why work with us

On-Demand Legal Assistence
Expert SupportEnsure compliance and receive legal support for contracts and agreements.
Evergreen Talent Guarantee
Get continuous support throughout an employee's tenure.
White Glove Service and Support
Enjoy personalized 1-1 support from our HR professionals.
Superior Benefits
Retain talent with exceptional benefits. LatamTalent fosters a sense of belonging.
Monthly Fee Flexibility
Align expenses with growth using our flexible monthly fee.

Dedicated Team vs Dev Shop

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Dedicated Team

Dev Shop

Project Complexity

Complex projects

Simpler projects


Adapts to changes

Less adaptable


Direct team contact

Via project manager

Team Commitment

Solely dedicated

Shared resources


Tailored to needs

May offer standard solutions

Cost Control

Potential savings

Fixed costs



May require adjustments


More control

Less direct control

Risk Management

Lower risk

Risk of misalignment

Choose a dedicated team if…

You Want to Focus on Growth
Opt for a dedicated team if your primary goal is business growth and you need a team aligned with your vision.
Timelines Are Important
If sticking to project timelines is crucial, a dedicated team can provide the necessary dedication to meet deadlines.
Live Budget Control Is Essential
Choose a dedicated team if you require real-time control over project expenses and cost management.
See Live Progress
If you want to closely monitor and track the progress of your project as it unfolds, a dedicated team can offer transparency.
Customization Matters
When your project requires tailored solutions and personalized attention, a dedicated team is the right choice.

Price Range

Starting at $5,000 USD a months on a pay as you go basis. Book a discovery call to explore more on how a tailored team and timelines would look for your vision.
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